Finca El Refugio: Location

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Mapa Socuellamos


Situated in the village of Socuéllamos is located in the southern part of the South Subplateau of the peninsula, within the natural region of La Mancha -which is the world's largest wine producing area- . Its location is enclave in particular in the extreme northwest of the province of Ciudad Real, in the river basin of Guadiana Alto. In Socuéllamos you will find a town of 13.000 inhabitants, with an antiquity that is born around 1298, in the days of Fernando IV. Positioned in the North Eastern angle of the province of Ciudad Real, in Castilla-La Mancha, Socuéllamos has a municipal district of 32.000 hectares of which 29.000 are dedicated to the cultivation of grapevine, practically all the district is covered by vineyards, we can reinforce that Socuéllamos is one of the main populations in the cultivation of grapevine anywhere in the world.

Already from ancient times, Socuéllamos has an important tradition in wine. The Catholic Kings confirmed a privilege by which they were "at the mercy of all the settlers who wanted to come to populate this town, that building a house and planting and cultivating vine, they were free of all kind of tributes, the neighbours without having to pay more than the tenth to God".

King Felipe II, who also had regard for this town, in an Ordinance for the guard of mountains, breads, vines and olives, granted on December 11th, of 1582, in his section 44, puts sentence of six real of a thousand to those who harvest grapes without license of the City council because "... by experience it is obvious that the reason for picking grapes without ripeness, the wines become imperfect" , and that "... you cannot harvest passing the day of Saint Michael " .

It is possible to say that La Mancha is the ideal zone for the cultivation of the grapevine, obtaining a few fruits of extraordinary quality, ripeness and health.

La Mancha wines, today, are among the most exquisite and prestigious of the world.